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Most New Yorkers just kind of sigh impatiently and bury their noses in a book or a smartphone when they see subway performers start to sing or dance, which is understandable. But it’s a different story when it’s actual BROADWAY PERFORMERS.

On an A train earlier this summer, members of the The Lion King cast surprised commuters with a beautiful a cappella performance of “The Circle of Life.” The singers were scattered around the car, initially blending in with the normals. But then, surprise! They’re actually Tony Award-winning Broadway actors launching into a spirited rendition of a classic tune.

Some riders get pretty into it, singing along and tapping their feet, while others act almost annoyed by the disruption. Some even keep their earbuds in! Like, seriously you guys? This is awesome and you should appreciate it.

If you’re hoping to catch one of these impromptu performances, it might happen…

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Same Difference

A young woman woke from a severe epileptic fit to find two laughing men filming her ordeal on their mobile phones.

Maggie O’Connor, 26, was walking her dog Dillion in the grounds of a priory when she felt a seizure coming on.

As she came round from the fit she realised two strangers were standing over her. Instead of offering her help the men were laughing because Maggie had bitten her tongue and was bleeding.

One of the pair took a close-up shot – coming within inches of her face – before running away shouting “she fking p**d herself, ha.”

Maggie said: “With a seizure, you can wet yourself and bite your tongue and these were the two facts that they seemed to find most hilarious as I had wet myself and I had blood down my front.

“They continued filming whilst I was awake and conscious but because of…

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Diet Girl Diaries

Its been years and years of bad eating, extreme fad diets and inconsistent work outs that has led me to a life I AM just NOT happy with. I always start strong and end up right where I started. something has to change!, right?!

A few weeks ago I met up with a previous co worker who I haven’t seen in years. As she begins to tell me her story, all i could think of is not just how fabulous she looks, but how her outlook in life has changed. She never mentioned a negative thought or idea, everything was positive and inspiring. The more and more we talked, I just knew she was put in my life again for a reason. I decided to join her on the journey of happy life, a life of ZEN and a life of just feeling good. What do i have to loose…

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Professional Goals: 

Make a minimum of 10 face to face contacts a week.

Make and pass out flyers once a week for my groups.

Research, plan, propose and get approved to add one more group to the program.

Personal: (relationships)

Schedule 2 days out of the month to spend with my best friend

Schedule 1 night a week for date night with my boyfriend

Schedule 1 night out of the month for a “date night” with my mom

Schedule 1 night out of the month for a “date night” with my sister

Personal : ( health and fitness)

Jog 45 minutes every work day

Do 100 squats a day

Go to they gym 3 times a week with my sister

Meal plan for the week every Saturday

Lose 10 pounds

Personal : ( blog)

Post a minimum of once a week about my journey to meeting these goals and pictures to…

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the void


The entire homelessness industry has questions to answer about how they are treating those they claim to support, but none has sunk so low as Jesus’ little fucking helpers in the Salvation Army.

A local paper in York reports that the Salvation Army are now teaming up with the police in a scheme which will could see homeless people grassed up  to the DWP if they are caught begging.

According to the paper, Salvation Army members, along with the police and local council busy-bodies will be patrolling the streets of York hunting for beggars.  The charity claim they will provide housing advice whilst the police will be ‘reminding people’ that begging is against the law, no doubt by arresting them.  Not to be outdone, representatives from York Council say they will inform the DWP if people found begging are receiving any benefits.  Which means their benefits will be stopped. …

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After years of churning out overly-serious Resident Evil sequels and spin-offs, it’s great to see Capcom back to its humourous best (well, Capcom USA, at least) by releasing new DLC for Dead Rising 3 that references its habit of adding every superlative under the sun to its every update, though the lack of “Turbo” in there surely can’t be an indicator of further revisions later, can it?


Anything but cynically launched with immediate effect to commemorate the company’s 31th fan-iversary [sic], SUDR3ARHEEXPA (deep breath) allows the standard Dead Rising 3 cast to cosplay as old Capcom favourites including the Street Fighter gang, Tofu from Resident Evil 2 and even Final Fight’s Mike Haggar, who now suspiciously looks more like Freddie Mercury than ever.


In a market overcrowded with more serious takes on pandemics, mass infections and even the less serious zombie-starring games out there, it’s great to know we can still rely on Dead Rising to present a tongue-in-cheek look at the same subject material. To quote the old Street Fighter announcer, here comes a new challenger, and, at least for now, ironically one rather tellingly exclusive to Microsoft’s flagship platform, the Xbox One, along with the rather similar Sunset Overdrive.


Sunset Overdrive

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As perhaps Microsoft’s single biggest Xbox One exclusive in terms of sheer promotion during the company’s 2014 E3 presentation, this game really seemed like the “second son” of Jet Set Radio (who else remembers that?) and Dead Rising, only raised on a diet of what can only be described as… well, orange Lucozade is the closest fit!

Fast, riotous and certainly unique, this hyper exaggerated shooting action title based partly on grind rails even rips a page from the X-Men universe of all places with its creative decision to have mutants standing in for zombies – a sign that former genre staple may now be regarded as too commonplace in recent generations of videogames.

“You are the hero” and “customise and be who you want to be” were choice on-stage quotes from Ted Price, head of development team, Insomniac. With guns taking the place of spray paint, this highly anticipated title wears its many influences proudly on bold, vibrant sleeves, any gore traded for onomatopoeic clouds.

Expect more highlights from E3 2014 later as I will be adding my personal favourite showstoppers over the course of the day, so be sure to check back periodically. Also, in something of an exclusive, guest commentary from a renowned journalist is on the cards. Just don’t complain if such generosity becomes a regular feature!


Sony Online Entertainment has released a new video for PlanetSide 2. The trailer is basically getting players hyped for the impending release of the game on PlayStation 4.

Nathan Manning is an Xbox Editor for AnalogAddiction. He is only critical on the Xbox brand because he has a loyalty to it. You can find him on Twitter and AnalogAddiction there as well.

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Gamers 4 Gaming

Forced is a one to four-player co-op arcade adventure with puzzle and tactical elements. You are cast as slaves in the toughest fantasy gladiator school of them all, condemned to fight as a gladiator and eventually win your freedom. You will face deadly trials and huge creatures, but Balfus, your Spirit Mentor will guide you in your quest for recognition.

Featuring intuitive twin-stick controls, tons of intelligent enemies, diverse settings, devastating skills and fiendish puzzle elements, Forced challenges the players ability to cooperate. And with experience carrying over between classes, Forced let’s you try every combination, to find the one, that suits the challenge best.

Stay tuned to G4X for all of your Xbox news.

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Gamers 4 Gaming

Enjoy a unique take on medival warfare in Zen Studios’ light-hearted action-strategy game. As rival fortresses attack your own, you’ll use a ballista to fling an assortment of weapons at enemy towers and spear approaching enemies, while sending forth your own troops and unleashing powerful spells.

Stay tuned to G4X for all of your Xbox news.

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