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After years of churning out overly-serious Resident Evil sequels and spin-offs, it’s great to see Capcom back to its humourous best (well, Capcom USA, at least) by releasing new DLC for Dead Rising 3 that references its habit of adding every superlative under the sun to its every update, though the lack of “Turbo” in there surely can’t be an indicator of further revisions later, can it?


Anything but cynically launched with immediate effect to commemorate the company’s 31th fan-iversary [sic], SUDR3ARHEEXPA (deep breath) allows the standard Dead Rising 3 cast to cosplay as old Capcom favourites including the Street Fighter gang, Tofu from Resident Evil 2 and even Final Fight’s Mike Haggar, who now suspiciously looks more like Freddie Mercury than ever.


In a market overcrowded with more serious takes on pandemics, mass infections and even the less serious zombie-starring games out there, it’s great to know we can still rely on Dead Rising to present a tongue-in-cheek look at the same subject material. To quote the old Street Fighter announcer, here comes a new challenger, and, at least for now, ironically one rather tellingly exclusive to Microsoft’s flagship platform, the Xbox One, along with the rather similar Sunset Overdrive.