Same Difference

A young woman woke from a severe epileptic fit to find two laughing men filming her ordeal on their mobile phones.

Maggie O’Connor, 26, was walking her dog Dillion in the grounds of a priory when she felt a seizure coming on.

As she came round from the fit she realised two strangers were standing over her. Instead of offering her help the men were laughing because Maggie had bitten her tongue and was bleeding.

One of the pair took a close-up shot – coming within inches of her face – before running away shouting “she fking p**d herself, ha.”

Maggie said: “With a seizure, you can wet yourself and bite your tongue and these were the two facts that they seemed to find most hilarious as I had wet myself and I had blood down my front.

“They continued filming whilst I was awake and conscious but because of…

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