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So  today is the start of the E3 Press conferences and I totally forgot about it so I missed the live stream of the Microsoft conference but caught the EA one. So here is my take on both of the conferences. From what I did watch of the Microsoft conference for the most part it seemed pretty boring. The Division and Assassins Creed Unity look like team work is key. Witcher 3 will have Griffins.  Fable Legends and Sunset overdrive both seemed like they would be ok games but I will pass on them.  COD Advance Warfare was disappointing.  Star Wars: Battlefront and Phantom Dust were just a tease. An Microsoft is giving more love to the Indies.

Now the EA conference in general did seem more interesting and had fewer stupid jokes.  Dragon Age Inquistion looked a bit like Monster Hunter. Mass Effect is coming back in the Frostbite…

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