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ea-logo-darkEA’s event didn’t bring much information that we didn’t already know. The entire event was basiclly trailer after trailer of games we already know about and few of them were given more detail that what we had before the event.

Here is a list of games they showed:

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Mass Effect teaser – yep, they are working on a new game
Sims 4 – early September release
NHL 15
Criterion Games – apparently they are developing an outdoors racing-type game
PGA Tour Golf
Madden – August 26 release date
Dawngate – it is a MOBA
Mirror’s Edge – a lot of the video from the game looked like it was very undeveloped and raw but looked sharp as a game
FIFA 15 – this fall
Battlefield: Hardline – no new information and they replayed the trailers that are already on the Internet. October 21st is the release…

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