Naturally Uncanny Reviews!

A video has sprung up on Dailymotion that claims to be our first glimpse into the still unknown multiplayer aspect of Watch_Dogs.  It’s been hinted at in multiple trailers that some form of invasive multiplayer will take place, and when we got our last look at gameplay at E3 we saw that using some kind of app (possibly only available on Smartglass enabled devices), a user can help the player by hacking street lights and other objects.  What is strange though is that there are none of your usual denotations of a multiplayer aspect, no gamer tags or other identifiable marks on either player, and the movement of the other “player” could very well be just another type of AI.  In the first segment we see that the player is getting hacked, and they must find and profile the hacker before it’s too late.  Upon profiling the hacker, they are…

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