Imprisoned for Life?On May 24, 2013, scientists and cetacean advocates alike were awestruck, inspired and elated to learn that India has become the first Nation in the world to acknowledge dolphins as nonhuman persons.  To those unfamiliar with the overwhelming evidence in support of this acknowledgment; of the remarkable self-awareness, language, culture, deeply emotional and profoundly social nature of dolphins and whales, this may sound bizarre — but the phenomenon of nonhuman personhood is, in fact, a credible and laudable assertion.

Cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoises) have long been understood to be remarkably intelligent. A wealth of scientific evidence has shown that they are closest to us in terms of cognitive capacity and self-awareness than any other species. Dr. Thomas I. White, author of “In Defense Of Dolphins: A New Moral Frontier,” introduced many to the concept of the definition of “personhood:” What is a “person,” and what distinguishes persons from other…

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